Painter Luboš Mandát, who started in the art world through the Secondary School of Graphics in Prague and through the profession of forographer. One thing is quite evident: he knows how to look, he knows how to paint, he is willing to let his imagination run wild and keep artistic discipline in check. Mandát's paintings take the form of large canvases in which the world and the cosmos, man and nature, the spiritual and the concrete are depicted. The basis is a chord - colored and musical, colored and light, colored and shaped. The collisions of these worlds are not forceful, but harmonious, overflowing, balancing - the end result is a variable adventure.

Luboš Mandát went through physical and artistic macro worlds, exhibited at home and abroad, large canvases as well as diptychs and triptychs. The delimitation by the frame is the delimitation of the section of the obvious eye, but the "plot" of the image continues even outside its frame. The strength of each of Mandát's works is in its dominance. A sensitive art collector cannot hang a different art category in his neighborhood without harming him. This should be kept in mind, even with the statement that, on the contrary, they grade side by side when interacting with each other.

Bohumil Kolar

MUTACE is also the name of the exhibition under which the author exhibited for the first time in "Gallery K" already in 1994, where he was rightly included among already renowned Czech and foreign artists, which is proven by the fact that this exhibition was sold entirely to Switzerland. Critics call him a modern-day Faust. The author's paintings are the property of private collections of personalities of social and political life.